Remember when the ALGOP touted the October drop in unemployment as evidence that HB56 was working. I questioned then (1) could we extrapolate anything from a single metric and (2) if it proved that HB56 worked, then a lot more undocumented immigrants were employed in government and professional services than we thought.

If you listen to talk-radio, one sector which is evidently overrun with undocumented immigrants and should be impacted by HB56 is the construction. industry.  I am looking forward to Rep. Hammon, Sens. Beason and Sens. Taylor tout this report. According to the Birmingham Business Journal:

The Birmingham metro area was one of the 146 U.S. metros that lost construction jobs in October, according to a new report. . .

Statewide, Alabama lost 6,100 jobs in that same period, bringing construction employment down 7 percent to 81,900, AGCA said.

(Wink, wink: I am being a little facetious here. An isolated metric does not reveal much by itself and certainly does show a causal relationship. I still think cherry-picking a few metrics is poor economic analysis; however, if the GOP wants to play the game, so can I.)