How often do you hear sermons about the just treatment of employees from today’s pulpits period? Not often and forget expositing any moral obligations like this:

What are the sins of Masters?

1.  Unadvised entertainment of sinful Servants.  2.  Negligence in not instructing them, (in the Fear of God, and in some lawful Calling) and not using Religious Exercises with them. [This refers to servants living in the master’s home – DR] 3.  Not admonishing nor correcting them, or doing it in an ill manner: grieving more when they fail in their Business, than when they are slack in God’s Service; 4.  Giving them an ill example, and using light behaviour before them.  5. Detaining their Wages from them; and not recompensing their Labors, by giving them a due reward, when they are with them, and when they part from them.  6.  Neglect of them in Sickness: unjust stopping of their Wages for that time.  7. Not relieving them (if they be able) in their Age, who have spent their youth in their Service.

James Ussher, A body of divinity: or, the sum and substance of Christian religion, ed. Michael Nevarr (1648; Herndon VA, 2007), p. 238.