Since discussing the listeria contamination from one mega-farm in Colorado (here and here), the continuing evidence of dysfunction has now reached Alabama. Alabama has its first illness resulting from the contaminated cantaloupes.

Why is Alabama importing cantaloupes from Colorado? Can we not produce enough cantaloupes on our own?  Because the food system has become so overly-concentrated and centralized, the prospects that our food (like cantaloupes) can become weapons of mass destruction. While all evidence points to negligence in this case, what would happen in the case of malintention?

By way of update: 1 farm caused 15 deaths (and rising), 84 illnesses (and rising), across 19 states (and rising).

UPDATE: 23 deaths an 100 illnesses.

UPDATE 10/7/2011: 21 Dead, 109 Sickened in 23 States

UPDATE 11/2/11: Death toll has reached 29.