Bachmann and Palin (and Santoram) have tag-teamed Perry over his Gardasil flip-flop. The way things look.  Gardasil and Cronyism may dominate the GOP room until the next debate, two weeks away. While I thought Bachmann would bludgeon Perry with the issue, I have not really felt the HPV vaccine mandate would fatally injure Perry; however, it may harm him in a proverbial ” its the little foxes that destroy the whole vineyard” kind of way.

It may have more resonance generally than I originally thought. This TV commercial was prepared by the Democratic Governor’s Association and something like it could work in the South.

According to Politico,

Raymond Glendening, the former DGA political director now at the online organizing startup, recalled that the HPV issue “cut across partisan lines” in Democratic message-testing.
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“We polled and focus grouped this. The focus groups really showed that this hurt Perry among conservatives. It had a libertarian infringement on personal rights feeling to it for them,” Glendening wrote in an email. “They believed he was moving government into a personal family decision. It resonated at the abortion/euthanasia level.”

Or try this unaired one from Republican Kaye Bailey Hutchison.

Romney is loving life: RomneyCare, what’s that? Sarah Palin is salivating; if he continues to slip, I think she’s in.