It seems that some segments of the GOP have discovered a new phrase: “crony capitalism.” Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin include the phrase in all their speeches and interviews.

I reminded her, I wrote in “We will build with new speech” that a main plank for Alabama Democrats should be:

Rejecting Crony Corporatism. In a day when those who are positioned to “work the system” abuse the public coffers as a source of loot and use the arm of the government as a instrument of plunder, we need to return to Andrew Jackson’s slogan: “Opportunity for All, Special Privilege for None.”

My wife mockingly lovingly responded that they must be reading Keating’s Desk. I am back in my place now.

(BTW, Palin and Bachmann’s use of the word is merely rhetorical. Everything which surrounds the phrase only exemplifies crony corporatism. Forgetting that their position of public trust they seek requires they pursue the common good and public justice, the substance of their platforms caters and kow-tows to every shouted demand of their corporate masters. Environmental stewardship, dignity for workers in the workplace, restorative justice in courtrooms are all anathema for them.)