Evidently, Mitt Romney thinks the “Social Security is a Ponzi-scheme “is Perry’s weakness. He has a new handout (direct-mail?) piece that the Obama campaign will be able to photoshop pretty easily.  While Perry has softened his firm position some, I don’t see this being too powerful, within the GOP primary.  Perhaps, in a last-man-standing type strategy, Romney continues to believes that Perry and Bachmann (and Palin?) will destroy themselves and each other before the primaries.

On the other hand, Bachmann sees Perry’s Open-borders position represents the real vulnerability in the primary. She is probably right. (Bachmann cannot say too much about Social Security; she trumped Perry by calling Social Security “one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American public.“)

Immigration is certainly more toxic when considered by Tea Party sympathizers. Accordingly, a pro-Bachman PAC has just released this ad in South Carolina:

We will see how he explains this “liberal” position.

UPDATE: New CNN poll shows no impact of Perry’s statements about Social Security.