Ultra-conservative, radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham skewered Scott Beason yesterday over the violation of religious liberty by the Alabama Anti-Immigration Law, #HB56. He finally implicitly concedes that churches and families working working soup lines or even providing assistance to illegal immigrant tornado victims violate HB56.  The audio can be found here.

A few points of rebuttal, though:

1. Beason is wrong; corrupt motives and intent are not required to violate this law. Based upon legal precedent, any support provided to a “illegal alien” will be deemed to encourage “their unlawful presence. Rather, the broad definition of “knowing” is the operative word in the statute and, therefore,  makes it so dangerous.

2. Beason, in the radio interview, actually changed his explanation for intentionally removing the church exemptions from the legislation. Before, his reason was that “bona fide religious organization” was not defined in federal law. (It is, though.) Now, he says it was removed because of churches were “importing” illegals into the state “because they believe that is a good thing.”

3. Beason states that he does not believe any pastors or people will be arrested for being Good Samaritans. However, he forgets that law enforcement officials and prosecutors will be sued if they don’t fully and vigorously enforce the law.