GOP Agriculture Commissioner John McMillan will likely not be invited to any GOP parties after his recent comments:

The leader of one of Alabama’s most powerful industries said the state’s Legislature “did an overreach” when they passed the new illegal immigration bill.

During a visit to Enterprise, Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Commissioner John McMillan said the bill will have a far-reaching impact if it is enacted as-is. One of those impacts will be on Alabamians’ grocery bills.

McMillan said many migrant families are leaving the state, even if most of the family members are here legally. He said immigrants impact every bite of produce and chicken Alabamians take, and Alabama is the nation’s third-largest poultry producer.

“It’s going to unquestionably drive up food prices,” McMillan said at a speech at the Enterprise Civic Center. “It’s a societal problem. It’s a cultural problem. The citizens of Alabama better get involved in the policy side.”

Note: this is a statewide-elected GOP Ag. Commissioner daring to question the wisdom of the GOP’s hallmark legislation. He’s probably one of those liberals, though.  This is not the first time either that Commissioner McMillan has admitted the negative byproducts and consequences of HB56. He has pointed out repeatedly that all foreign workers and their families, legal or not, were leaving the state which has left a major labor shortage for Alabama farm. However, McMillan was never the favored son of the Riley/Hubbard/Marsh/Byrne cabal anyways; that honor fell to his GOP opponent, Dorman Grace.