I will ask again, have you, farmers and small business owners, put your Immigration and Employment lawyer on retainer yet. (see here also.) As reported in the Montgomery Advertiser,

To help farmers and other small business owners navigate the new law, Alabama Employers for Immigration Reform, a group that includes construction companies and Alabama Farmers Federation, is holding a series of information sessions around the state.

Topics include the E-Verify system, new hire and previous hire regulations, penalties, “do’s and don’ts” of the new law and I-9 audits. Four law firms are participating in the sessions.

Did these lawyers from these law firms ease the concerns of the attendees? Nope.

[ALFA rep] Higginbotham said employers had a lot of questions about how the new regulations affect their current employees verses any new workers they hire. But there are no blanket answers, he added.

Every person’s business is different,” Higginbotham said. “We are just trying to help them be in compliance.”

Again, you better start looking for an employment law specialist because “there are no blanket answers.”