As I wrote here and here, Alabama Democrats need to challenge the crony corporatism rampant within our economy and make such a key component of all our campaigns. We should become the champions of locally-owned, small businesses. As I expressed here in my suggested mission statement for Democrats:

Rejecting Crony Corporatism. In a day when those who are positioned to “work the system” abuse the public coffers as a source of loot and use the arm of the government as a instrument of plunder, we need to return to Andrew Jackson’s slogan: “Opportunity for All, Special Privilege for None.”

This is good policy because it builds resilience into our local economies, empowers communities with their own economic independence, and also strips special interests of their power within our democracy.

It is good politics, too, because it runs with the grain of the people’s beliefs and perceptions as well. While many have been convinced, by rhetorically repetition and message discipline, that the Republican Party is the “moral” party, the people also believe the Republican Party is the party for Wall Street and big corporations.

This was confirmed decidedly by polling released by ABC News/Washington Post,

Most Americans think the Republicans in Congress have got Wall Street and large corporations’ backs, while President Obama prevails on protecting the middle class and small businesses. . .By a wide 59-26 percent, the public sees congressional Republicans as more concerned than Obama with protecting the economic interests of Wall Street financial institutions, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. Americans even more broadly, by 67-24 percent, put the GOP ahead when it comes to looking out for the interests of large business corporations.

When these Big Banks and Transnational Corporations have stacked the staffs of Republicans with lobbyists for themselves, you can begin to see why the perception is reality.

Evidently, Alabama Democrats will have ample opportunity to expose the Republicans commitment to Big Business. If last term was pay-back at teachers, public employees, and Hispanics, next term they plan on paying dividends on the investment made by these Big Banks and Insurance Companies made to the Republican candidates in 2010.  It is reported that:

Hubbard said he was most interested in business-friendly legislation that could help bring down the number of jobless in the state.

We will see how “business-friendly legislation” gives free reign to corporations to run wild in this state without consequence, destroys local businesses and economies, and subsidize it as well with tax-abatements and favorable tax-advantages not provided to locally-owned businesses.