As I have noted here and here and here, no matter how much the supporters of the Alabama Anti-immigration bill want to label opponents, this bill has serious problems with critics from all quarters of the political spectrum.

Yesterday, it was reported that Republican Congressman Spenser Bauchus (who previously received a 92% rating from the American Conservative Union for his voting record on major issues, the highest rank in the Alabama House delegation) openly criticized the Alabama Anti-Immigration Law claiming:

  1. “I think it’s going to be almost impossible to enforce certain parts of the law,”
  2. “I think it will suppress economic activity,”

And the Sheriffs raised logistical questions about the enforcement aspect as well.

But Alabama’s 67 sheriffs are not as worried about scripture as they are about enforcing a law that many also see as a form of profiling and harassing people who look foreign.

The new law gives local law enforcement agencies the right to detain suspected illegal immigrants without bail until their status is determined, which could lead to even more strain for the legal system.

Entrekin said most county jails are already overcrowded and questioned whether suspected illegals are to be housed with the general jail populations.

“I don’t think the (Legislature) really looked at it when they voted on the bill,” [Etowah County Sheriff] Entrekin said.