Republican Lt.Gov. Kay Ivey

In an article entitled: Ivey: Legislative progress must continue“, Republican Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey was reported as saying “the good work must continue.”

Ivey spent several minutes touting the accomplishments of the last legislative session, which ended two weeks ago, and she said people should expect “more of the same.

“The budgets have to be a high, high priority. We’re still living beyond our means,” she said, noting $300 million of federal stimulus money will not be available for the next budget. . .

When asked where the $300 million reduction will come from without the stimulus funds, Ivey said “budget cuts.”

“We have 11 funds in the government. I can’t tell you where,” she said. “It’ll be across the board.

Ivey noted slashing teaching positions would be the “last option.”

“Budget cuts” . . .

“More of the same”

Smells like progress to me.