Prohibition Party Camel

I know many of you actually attended, but for the uninitiated, the Prohibition Party held is national convention in Alabama this past weekend.

Leaders from one of the nation’s oldest continuously-active political parties were in Cullman to select a nominee for the presidency this weekend as the highlight of their national convention.

About 25 delegates representing the national Prohibition Party converged on the Holiday Inn Express hotel, meeting to review the party’s platform strategy, share fellowship and name a presidential candidate.

That candidate is Jack Fellure, a West Virginian whom the party selected Wednesday morning to vie for the presidency in 2012. Toby Davis of Mississippi was tapped as Fellure’s running mate

They may have to choose Clay County or Randolph County because Cullman is not an option in the future.

Bledsoe said Cullman, selected last year as the site for the 2011 Prohibition Party convention because of its then-dry status, remained the party’s choice even after the city voted in liquor sales last November.

“We selected Cullman because it was dry, and of course in November you went wet,” he said. “But we do not abandon ship; we’re not rats.