Alabama Republican leadership declared this recent legislative sessions great successes. However, illegal and unconstitutional may come to be the general description of their actions. In addition to the likely constitutional challenges to the congressional district lines, the immigration bill, withholding AEA dues, the health insurance mandate,  the voter photo ID bill, here is another probable unconstitutional change: HB425.

The bill basically advances the primary elections to March. But, as pointed out here,

Because the petition deadline for previously unqualified parties, and for non-presidential independent candidates, is on primary day, the bill has the effect of moving these petition deadlines from June to March. No one in the legislature seems aware that in 1991 the 11th circuit struck down Alabama’s old April petition deadline for new parties and non-presidential independent candidates. That case was New Alliance Party of Alabama v Hand, 933 F.2d 1568. Furthermore, back in 1991, the petition was 1% of the last gubernatorial vote; but ever since 1997, it has been 3% (the bill raising the number of signatures passed in 1995 but was not in effect until 1997).

So, it looks like another lawsuit is likely here too.