As I pointed out, here, that the current members of the proposed Constitution Reform Commission are exclusively from the affluent, white suburbs like Auburn, St. Clair County, Homewood, Baldwin County, and Prattville.  The Anniston Star editorial board sees history repeating itself :

The commission’s membership should look more like Alabama in all its diversity and less like Montgomery’s political players. As proposed, commission members and their appointees will be almost exclusively Republican. The constitutional rewrite should not be conceived by this era’s fat cats; the commission should represent all of the state’s wide diversity, including race, gender, income level, ideology, region and background.

The document written by 1901’s powerbrokers put us in the mess we are currently in. It is a product of its time and values. Alabama’s powerful were looking to reassert themselves after the Civil War and Reconstruction. As a result, they rigged a system where their power and influence was secured. Alabamians without a seat at the table were cut out.

Let us not rig the system for another century.