According to this Mobile Press-Register  article:

Alabama’s cockfighting lobby appears to be on the verge of blocking yet another bill that would impose stiffer penalties for the crime, the bill’s sponsor said.

I did not realize there was a formal “cock-fighting lobby.” Evidently, they have some sizable influence, too, with State House members.

State Rep. Jim Barton, R-Mobile, said that while House Bill 74, which would elevate the offense from parking-ticket levels to hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in fines and potential jail time, has passed through committee, it probably won’t be considered by the full House.

“The sentiment of the House – particularly a lot of the northern Alabama representatives – (is that they) do not want to deal with it,” Barton said. “I think there’s been a lot of pressure on those guys.”

Politics always is interesting and I am continually surprised at what turns some parts of the electorate. It reminds of this humorous video which aired in North Carolina during the ’08 election.

Voting is important and has consequences. Activism is important and makes a difference.