The Montgomery Advertiser editorial board had this to say about the  “Alabama Children’s Family Act:”

Before any legislator votes for this legislation, we suggest they reread (or read) 1 Kings in the Old Testament, specifically the story of the Judgment of Solomon. It’s difficult to read these bills without the story of splitting the baby in half coming to mind.

Under this rule, it’s easy to see situations where a child will be jerked from one home to another, one school to another, and perhaps one city to another, every other year. Children need two parents; there’s no denying that. But they also need stability. They do not need the rules to be changed every other year.

There probably are reforms that need to be made to custody law in Alabama, but these bills go too far in trying to protect parental rights when the real emphasis should be on protecting the rights of children.

We suggest that these bills be killed, and instead a study commission made up of family court judges and child welfare experts look at possible changes to the law to minimize inequities in parental rights and to promote both divorcing parents remaining active in a child’s life.

But the emphasis of any changes should remain on what is best for the child, not the parents.

This bill passed out of committee on Wednesday.  Several family-law section members of the Bar believe this bill will likely pass, according to their sources in the legislature, although in a different form after conference with the House.